Monday, February 9, 2015

Found these pics of the grandsons playing on the fire equipment at the American Fork Fire Station. I had them for a Friday one time last summer and I thought it'd be fun to take them there. The guys and gals at the station were really good with them and we had a good time. They were kinda shy at first but they warmed up and had fun.

So Janet got us tickets to some Colorado Rockies baseball games last summer. She timed it so that they were playing my favorite St. Louis Cardinals. We spent a week in Denver going to three games and having fun eating out and relaxing. She's such a good one at knowing what I like. I wish I were better at that for her.

It was kinda funny that the Cardinals fans outnumbered the Rockies fans at the beginning of the game. We showed up early to see the guys warm up and just enjoy the atmosphere. I love being outside watching baseball and enjoying the feel. Takes me back to being a kid and playing baseball on summer evenings.
Dad gave me some roots of his Hibiscus. I was kinda worried that they might not make it. But they did just fine.

Look at all the buds. I had tons of seeds in the fall and I've put them all around the yard. We'll see what happens this summer.

He also gave me some roots from his Fig trees. I really want them to work. They're surviving the winters but they are bit way back by the cold and have to start all over each spring. I'm going to build a little protecting greenhouse for them that I can put over them during the worst part of winter and see if that gives them a head start in the spring. Here is a pic of them.

Kinda sad looking right now, but I'm hoping for more growth this year.
Sarah caught the fishing bug last summer. She spent days out at the lake fishing for catfish. She loved it. She and I took a trip ourselves one evening and I caught more pics that fish. In fact we didn't catch one fish. Oh well. It's the time with my daughter and not the fish that count.

Beautiful! No!
Wow! This has been neglected for some time.
Did I ever tell you about meeting an Olympian? Muffy Davis. She won Silver at the SLC Winter Games and Bronze at the Nagano, Japan Games. She's quite the inspirational person. Here are some pics that I took with her.

She was really nice and stayed after her talk and chatted with us and let us hold the medals and told how she felt when she won them.
If I remember correctly she wants to try to get to the 2016 Summer Games in Rio as a hand cyclist. She's really into biking now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

San Francisco Day 3

The Brown's left us on day three (Friday). Their daughter needed to be back in Provo for her ACT test on Saturday. So they caught an afternoon flight back. So, over the Golden Gate bridge and lunch at a cafe in Sausalito. Sarah actually ordered spaghetti with mussels. I was ready to give her credit for trying and she surprised us all and finished them all. She's such an adventurous soul. After brunch we headed to Muir Woods.
Some of the tallest redwoods known (coastal redwoods) grow along the northern coast of California. Even taller than the Sequoia's of Sequoia National Park. This particular grove has been protected since 1900. You can see behind the girls a cross section of one of the trees. Very old, but very skinny. The coastal redwood shoots straight up then begins to fill out and it's just the opposite for the Sequoia, I guess. At least that's what I got from the brochures.
Kinda hard to entertain some kids in a forest. "It's just trees, Daddy!"

Sisterly love!!!
Girl Power!!!

A bright, sunny spot in the grove of 250 foot tall trees.

Stay on the path.

Pixies in fern gully.

I just thought this was funny. I looked back and the girls were intently photographing every little twig, fern, rivulet and bug.

One of the many walk through trees.


Looks like a rock in the creek doesn't it? It's a log from a long time ago. We hiked probably two miles on this trip.

Back in downtown San Francisco Sarah wanted to get her picture in front of the statue dedicated to Lillie Hitchcock Coit. She's the one the Coit Tower is named after. Did I tell you her story? When she was a young girl she was recued by firefighters and she was enamored with them from then on. This is a statue dedicated to the firemen who rescued her. Sarah loves this statue. She's (Sarah not Lillie) not grumpy, she just woke up from her nap back over the GG bridge.

Back to Coit Tower. This time it was open so we went up inside to the top to look out at the city. This is looking south toward the Market District with the Transamerica Pyramid.

After Coit Tower we headed to Ghirardeli Square for dinner at McCormick & Kuleto's. It's an upscale restaurant that overlooks SF Bay and the Olympic Swim Club of San Francisco. This was the view out the window we were sitting at for our dinner.